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I like that we use ours I think this last weekend when it was so cold and then Anna Beach you guys so we use this with our friends when they come over cards I’m glad we didn’t get about color options remember Sarah is so picky about color options right this cougar actually will come in two colors this color is twig so you have the darker furniture and then you have like.

The lighter accents in your window treatments and then the other color that’s available is cashmere which is a lighter color furniture and honestly I like both colors but my had my preference it would be the cashmere just because it lightens it up a little bit more right right so it’s a great contrast between like is that too dark for you sure yeah a little bit yeah so it’s a great contrast between the floor yep and the cabinet color counter top it just really flows together so it’s a really.

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Nice choice as well full LED lighting throughout in the camper which is another really nice feature because it just makes it a lot brighter in here as well I like that I was telling her I like the fifth wheels have that want to call it rounded Chico so you get the really tall ceilings so it just feels more spacious and more homey right so at the top here this is actually a motion detector light it apparently is turned off at the moment so it’s nice for evening times when you open the door that light will come on and and then you don’t have to worry about her in all of your controls.

Are in one position here so that controls water heater slide outs awning lighting everything is all right here also comes with a cougar remote so this remote is really cool too because it’ll work from about feet away from your camper will run your slide outs it will run your awning it will run your lighting so if you’re at a campground and there’s a tree outside mm-hmm you can take your remote out with you use the push the button to run your.