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of on the bumper so that’s really cool now this is something that I know Sarah really likes is the rear kitchen with a lot of counter top space so this floor plan is great for that you still have plenty of storage in the kitchen you’ve got the cover that folds down over top stove so you have additional space here one of my favorite features is what you’re just getting ready to look at right there stainless steel under mount double sink and I love that they’ve gone to the square.

sink yeah I really like here yep you can actually wash dishes in that and not have to worry about it it’s nice it feels hygienic spray me same microwave is us same stove I think to do we have a three burners you can speak to it yeah so the three burner cook top stove here and then again this is the nice backslash that you can fold up does have the oven and then you do to just have a live counter top space a lot of storage space in the kitchen as well refrigerator so it’s just like.

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The one you guys have currently which does a great job yes yeah we have a lot of success with these and then you do have like pantry storage space here as well what about buffet option or is it this yeah like what see everybody’s right to the bench seating stuff can you get yeah you can’t fit yes you can’t um we typically bring this particular floor plan in with the table and chairs because usually it’s just two people they want that table and chair option instead of the booth I’m glad you.

Mentioned this because this is really cool on this table as well so you know there’s a lot of folks that you know sit at the table and play cards or whatever or if it’s just a two of you want some extra space on one side this tabletop actually will move back and forth so there’s a little hinge underneath the table right here uh-huh you’ve pulled it down and then that allows your tabletop to slide back and forth so you’re saying after I eat a really big meal it’s a good idea.