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Jason said they were going to move it that was fantastic for me because I’ve been wanting to move it for quite a long time but um it needed about six people to do that we’ve

brought in some manpower and now the chubby is in its new spot that looks better already you’ve lowered it like a hot rod I’m gonna reclaim some of the backyard there’s enough Lord here.

That they won’t miss a few Home Improvement meters cutting it out and giving you some soft area where he can Rumble with his mates because that concrete its editing butts off for that sounds good mate while you’re doing that I’m gonna re clad the outside of the chubby and take off a couple of the roof sheets to let the lighting side now if you’re going to get the expense of hiring one of these guys make sure when you go over the lawn you go over it in a couple of different directions that way it breaks the grass up into small bits which are easy to get up by hand and easier by shovel as well and I’m replacing.

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This sheeting with some poly carbonate which will allow the light to come in but not the elements this is your kind of grass isn’t it fake turf definitely right now normally I wouldn’t recommend this I’d say go for the real theme button high-traffic area and kids playing it’s nice neat and clean and wait turn into mud and it’s maintenance-free if I was using this synthetic grass for a tennis court you have to glue the whole thing down to the slab but the slab being pretty good.

I reckon this will be used for something else in another half a dozen years when he’s grown out of it so I’m not gonna glue it and damage the slab I am got to attach the two pieces together it’s coming up the other way it is but we’ve got a whole heap more tricks to make this little curvy house the talk of the tear the idea of the lift up windows on the old cabby but the frames had had it so I’ve made up some new ones and I’m covering him in the same sheet that.

I used on the roof and to finish it off and make it safer for the little hands I’m just putting on some aluminum angle that.