Things That Make You Love And Hate Towing Layton

These sides and I am a painting contractor so I know if stuff needs to be replaced for any much but when it comes to towing a trailer say this is just a sheet that’s making structural that’s what eighth of an inch thick oh I just know them okay yeah we’re good that’s just ugly little bit of rust-ole um the red rust-ileum oxide that’s what you would want to use.

on steel or metal which is probably what I’ll end up using on all this stuff throughout the whole towing system they’re all sides and yeah alright that’s it for this part see you later as we continue our adventure on full disclosure Nicki’s the one that sold us our original Puma so we like Nicki a lot I think yeah we do I wanted Nicki I fell in love with cougar what is it rear kitchens life fell in love with it and we’re gonna walk her out I’m gonna ask questions I’m gonna pretend.

like I’m buying it today and Nicki’s gonna answer it so go sounds good all right so I always tell people to check out the inside of the camper first because if you don’t like the floor plan inside it doesn’t matter what the outside has so no sir okay so you know me automatically I love fireplace I love the big TV and I absolutely love that no matter where you set in this unit you can see the TV exactly I I know I know you can pull it out and like twist it and stuff the last thing I want to be sitting there doing this where you’re trying to watch so tell me more about it okay so this unit is actually a triple.

slide so you have the two slides here in the main living area and then one in the bedroom which is nice this is a half-ton tow able so for those people that want a fifth wheel but don’t quite have the truck to pull up in this well this is a great opportunity for that and this one actually weighs about eighty six hundred pounds so it’s not a whole lot heavier but like you said you do put the weight up into the bed of the truck instead.