Towing Driver Safety Tips

When you are in the business of providing towing services, you should also consider your safety and security as well. This is because a customer can require towing services at any time of the day or night and at any location and to win the trust of your clients, you should be fast when it comes to responding to a distress call.

Below are some safety measures you can adopt as a towing driver to ensure your safety and that of the towing vehicle and the one being towed as well:

  • If you will be carrying extra fuel in your vehicle, use an approved container and is tightly closed to avoid the risk of the fuel spilling over.
  • Do not put gasoline in the same container with diesel fuels. You should also ensure that when fueling the towing truck, the container is properly placed on the filler opening to avoid spilling the fuel.
  • Do not begin the towing vehicle before checking its transmission type and the recommendation of the manufacturer when it comes to towing. A front-wheeled drive for instance, will not be towed in the same manner as the rear-wheel drive vehicle.
  • Ensure that you wear protective clothing every time you go out to provide towing services. The reflector jacket should make it possible to locate where you are even when it is very dark.
  • Before working under a vehicle that has been suspended by the towing truck, place a jack stand or a blocking beneath so that you can be protected from any incidents.
  • If the vehicle will be towed via the flatbed towing method, watch out for electric wires and ensure that the weight of the towed vehicle will not interfere with electric wires.
  • You should always ensure that the weight of the vehicle being towed does not exceed the maximum weight requirement for the towing vehicle. Learn to decline to tow a vehicle exceeding your towing truck‚Äôs carrying capacity.
  • The towing truck should be serviced and equipped with all the requirements before embarking on a towing journey. There should be emergency equipment, devices for warning signals, and a fire extinguisher as well.
  • When you are called upon to provide towing services, ensure that there is ample lighting in the area. This will enable you to fix the vehicle being towed properly onto the towing vehicle to avoid any incidents in the process of the towing.
  • Avoid unnecessary distractions when towing: When you are driving a towing vehicle, you should avoid getting distracted as any wrong move could be risky, not only for you but for the other road users as well. Ensure that the rear mirror will give you a good view of the vehicle being towed so that you can handle any eventuality that may arise in the process of the towing.

A towing driver should also work within the time that has been set for him and avoid working for very long hours. The towing company should employ a number of drivers so that everyone will work for a specified amount of time and then get enough time to rest. This will ensure that he is not exhausted during the towing process.