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A new bottom piece so let’s just take a look I suppose well wow it doesn’t smell it does not stink it does not stink this smells like wood paneling which is I think how it’s supposed to smell ha ha ha and this would fall down into it dead this is kind of hard to do at the camera oh it does go well the mattress for that stopper possibly an inflatable that way it would.

Be easily it’s the wet water Kings okay and you fill it up from the outside like pushing her mattress kind of thing for that while Tony this really doesn’t remind me of my old plane trailer we had it was a little longer how many feet is this home oh it has the original flips in it and there’s a party actually let’s figure out how to do all that stuff refrigerator works when you have propane was the last time you used it really is that how it runs or do we have to get electricity.

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out of sight push my lady thank you my button cc’ space that’s a match so we’re gonna cut right here we’re gonna take a little break oh yeah no it’s crushed he’s crushed the spares good which it should be I’m just gonna kind of document this for everybody and if you ever come across the trailer if we pull this off and make it look decent and usable for our eight month old baby who will be about from a year old by the time we’re all said and done then ya won’t believe these this.

little series will evolve and so wishes luck I’m not gonna show you changing anyway okay so about the spare tire on there it was full I dug it out quite a bit the dirt was packed all the way up to the back bumper so it’s pretty straight from this point forward to that road up there so it’s just going to be straight across the road if you can see to the dirt you just cut it once we get it hooked up but yeah so after digging in and all that kind of stuff changed an entire boom our verdict on her into the frame I am gonna have somebody look at.